Money Lover app — Design challenge for UX interview


Zack Chia

Photograph by Sharon McCutcheon

“Thanks for sharing your experience with us, before we end this interview, there is something we would like you to do. It’s really just something we get potential candidates to do. It’s a short design challenge.”

Does this sound familiar to you? Has it ever happened to you?

Ever since I begun my search for a UX or Product design job, I have been to several companies, and a good number of them have issued me their design challenges. Now, if you have experienced one yourself, you would know it can be really dreadful or extremely exciting. I choose to look at it objectively as the company assessing whether I’m a good fit for them. So, a hirer called me and she did a phone interview with me. Before we ended the call, I was given a design challenge to work on for the next 3 days. Included in the email was her brief to me. Here is the brief,

Pick one of the 4 listed mobile apps below, and complete the items listed under deliverables.

Mobile App Choices:
Google Maps
or your own choice. Please provide a rationale as to why you picked this app.

1 x problem statement — business owner
1 x user persona/user story
1 x user journey
1 x screen flow
1 x wireframe (low fidelity)
1 x user testing structure (questions plus conduct of the test, don’t have to run the actual test)

Additional Notes:
You can deliver more if you wish. You need to make assumptions since you are the only person involved. State your assumptions clearly.

Author: Zack Chia

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